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Our Eastside soccer teams are grateful to have the opportunity to use the Rich May Field. Since our school does not have its own field, our students are excited to come to the Rich May field each day during the season and they appreciate being able to practice on a regulation size field to better prepare for the games. The Rich May Field is a tremendous resource for the entire East Palo Alto community and it’s great to have such a high-quality athletic facility in our own city.

Chris Bishoff

East Side Prep Soccer

There a sense of pride when you walk up to the green gates and take a look at all the people playing their sport in unison. Rich May Memorial Field represents a big sense of pride in our small town. To have such a beautiful area in a struggling community where you can come out and release some stress in the game or just to take in the good energy of the people is like no other. I’m happy and proud to be apart of this place that makes our community just a little bit better.

Bianca Trujillo

Field Manager Since June 2016

Rich May Field means a lot to our organization – Ravenswood Junior SC.  As the first turf field in the community  – Rich May Field means a lot to our organization.
Plus it is so important to have the lights! This is one of the best parts of the field.
Having a turf field, plus lights in East Palo Alto, brings more opportunities to our kids and gives them more time to spend enrolling in sports.
I can say that Rich May Field is the best sports project in the community.


Horacio Barrera

Ravenswood Soccer Club

Community Sports Organizations using the Rich May Memorial Field

Rugby Razorhawks
East Side Prep Soccer
East Palo Alto Academy
Ravenswood Soccer
Footy Academy

East Palo Alto United Soccer
Palo Alto Sporting United
East Palo Alto Rugby FC
Oxford Day Academy
KIPP Esperanza High School
EPA Razorback Rugby

In addition, the St. Francis Youth Club 3 – 5pm after school and during the summer and the Ravenswood School District 8am – 3pm during the school year use the field. EPATT - East Palo Alto Tutoring 


We are so grateful to Canopy and Grass Roots Ecology for their landscape help. Maintenance is ongoing and includes – weed pulling, wood chips spreading, planting, landscape and general clean up.  Workdays will be posted on this site and offers to volunteer are very welcome!

Volunteers are welcome to join the Rich May “Maintenance Crew”

The Rich May Foundation Board

Frank Merrill, President

Bret McMillan, Chief Financial Officer

Tami McMillan, Secretary

Paul Simko

Anne Warner Cribbs OLY 

Les DeWitt

Dennis Burns
Retired Police Chief, Palo Alto

Non-Profit Documentation

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